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30 Years of Sweetness

Sweet Inspirations is a restaurant, bakeshop, and catering company along Katipunan in Quezon City. We also just recently opened our 2nd branch at the 3rd floor of Hemady Square Bldg. E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Quezon City and our 3rd branch at the 5th flr. of Shangri-La Plaza, Main Wing.

Committed to constantly satisfying our customers with great food at the best value, Sweet Inspirations continues to serve its customers after 30 years of service. One of the oldest and long-standing establishments along Katipunan Avenue, a short commercial strip now dominated by food chain giants, Sweet Inspirations has created and maintained a following among families, professionals, and students of neighboring communities and institutions. Sweet Inspirations prides itself for its delectable desserts, regarded by its customers to be the best and most gratifying in Manila. This, together with home-cooked, appetizing a la carte favorites, has given Sweet Inspirations a reputation for offering nothing but exquisitely delicious food. Aside from serving downright scrumptious food, Sweet Inspirations holds the highest standards in food quality. Sweet Inspirations ensures that the best quality ingredients are always being used, strictly maintaining a no MSG, no food extenders policy in food preparation. Even better, Sweet Inspirations maintains a very cozy and cordial ambiance conducive to a get-together with the family, or a laid-back afternoon with friends. It has a homey atmosphere where one can just experience the simple joy of dining great food, as though you're within the comforts of your own home, with our friendly staff always waiting to serve you.


Excellent food, excellent service at great value for money is Sweet Inspirations' equation for its long-standing success.




"Delicious food, great service! I come back here often, most of the time bringing relatives or friends who haven't tried dining here yet.."



"They serve really good food. But what you would seldom see in other places are their friendly and loyal service crew. We always see familiar friendly faces for more than a decade now. More power to Sweet Inspirations!"



“Best Mongolian barbecue buffet in Manila. Nothing beats this.”

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